Wheel Hangers

These garments will dress up those trailing edges of your wheel wells. If used in conjunction of Body Skirts will consonant in functionality and aesthetically design. In Exploratory Stage


Cool and complex in appearance, yet simple in design. This piece of kit is a great addition to any roof rack. Up high, controllable, and able to tuck away, be protected and reduce a bit of drag. It will emit light those powerful Rock Stars which you chose. Completing your system this Lighthouse will guild,…

Tuff Tops

Want to dress your lady up and take her to town these Tops will allow you to do just that. They are multi-functional allowing a variety of uses to be carried out along with adaptations of accessories allowing you to transform and altered as needed. In Exploratory Stage

Rock Stars

They won’t sing to you; however they’ll perform at night to light your way or let you engage in nocturnal activities. Keeping quality and cost in mind, these stars meet in the middle of the road helping you to Rock-N-Roll.

Wheel Skirts

Not talking about ladies garments or Scottish Kilts. These skirts encircle u’r wheel-well’s edge to help reduce road debris from splashing up on u’r ladies trim. Made out of rubber, weather resistant for most climates, they are flexible, universal can be cut to length, fabricated for a sleek and tight fit, they make it easy…