About NEWD Co

The company was conceived from many personal adventures and experiences, both from military and civilian life. Through these exploits, it became apparent that there was a need for quality, unique, and unconventional products that can’t be procured through regular means.

Over the span of many years as a Journeymen Machinist, Manufacturer Engineer and Aircraft Technician, I’ve acquired the accreditation, knowledge, experience, and equipment to tackle these new and diverse designs.

NEWD Co. (Company) is a recent start-up adventure equipment manufacturer and seller of related items. We undertake many projects and products that are geared towards adventure and exploration. Through the services of 3D Printing, machining, welding, and Industrial Sewing. We can develop a prototype design and assist with R&D to achieve your unique item. In turn the products we hope to offer are cutting edge, exclusive, and completely original to your ideals.

We provide a quality item and always keep in mind the everyday working customer by offering the products at a competitive price, no matter how big or small the task.

The symbolism and its importance in marketing – NEWD Co Originally It started out in the far reaches of Northeastern Canada in a small village on the Gaspe Coast. Throughout the years since, it has been driven by the never-ending quest of the human soul for worldwide exploration and adventure.

As the Compass logo illustrates we are always pointing Northward, no matter where we may find ourselves in life. This indicates our overall goal of always improving and making the world a better place.

The Gear, is an element of fabrication that sits on top and forms much of the world’s globe. Indicating a strong mechanical advantage and movement. Although a simple device it is the key that drives the overall component.

The Co (Company), It was developed to pay homage to the brotherhood that was created through my years in the military. The Company itself is one of the most important parts, an identifier within your unit and often a symbol of the core values of family. I’ve used the same concepts of introducing a smaller entity to form the larger picture through a multitude of skill-sets and resources and we are continuously driving towards achieving mission success.

This finalizes NEWD Co as a diverse and multi-functional family. Although there may be   times we find ourselves alone, we are all part of something greater. Whether we are exploring the world, discovering new paths of adventure or simply enjoying our own backyard.